Contact Me

 I live in Ilderton, which is just north of London
Call me at                    519-666-1114    (If I don't call back within 24 hours please call me back)  
My email address is  (click my email address to start an email)

My basic rates are:
Car/Truck   insurance appraisal: $150
Motorcycle insurance appraisal: $130

I email you a PDF version to forward to your broker. To receive 2 hard copies mailed to you is $10 

HST appraisal:                                $60  
All  rates are for payment in cash. Payment is due at the time of the  vehicle inspection. An additional $25 charge for cheques is applied (to  compensate me for having to make a trip to the bank).
These rates may have an adjustment for extra mileage for locations more than 20 minutes from London
Please contact me for prices on pre-purchase inspections, accident appraisals, divorce, probate, bankruptcy or OSAP appraisals
Some  old cars have an incorrect VIN on the provincial registration. You will  need a letter on my letter head to have this corrected. The charge for this is $25