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Vehicle Appraisals


As a  vehicle ages  most insurance  companies  request  an  independent appraisal of your vehicle. This normally happens  when your vehicle is 20 years old. The reason is that at this point the  average condition of your type

of car or truck is very poor. An  independent appraisal ensures that your insurance company knows what  condition your vehicle is in, what options and features your vehicle has  and an opinion on what the insurance value should be.

An appraisal covers all areas of the vehicle.  Each area is evaluated for quality of workmanship, condition and  features. Your vehicle is compared against similar vehicles and an  opinion on value is determined. Many pictures are taken and included in a  written evaluation of your vehicle. You are provided with an electronic PDF copy that you can email your broker. Hard copies are available at a slight additional cost.

We also do appraisals for probate, bankruptcy and divorce proceedings and motorcycle appraisals.

Sample Appraisal

Ontario Sales Tax Appraisals

Vehicles more  than 20 years old require an independent appraisal of the vehicles value as part of registration in Ontario. For vehicles newer than 20 years you may wish an appraisal be performed when the value of the vehicle is less than the wholesale value. Lower value can be caused by poor cosmetics, high  mileage, requirement for expensive repairs, etc. as compared to the  average vehicle of that year.

As an approved independent appraiser for the Ontario Ministry of Finance we are able to perform MTO sales tax appraisals. 


PrePurchase Evaluations

 Buying a special vehicle can be a stressful but exciting occasion. It can be worth the peace of mind to have an independent evaluation done on the prospective vehicle. Many times deficiencies can be spotted by a person who is not emotionally attached to the vehicle. This may provide you with additional leverage when negotiating price.